As part of our reorganisation for 2024 we have decided that we need to reduce our workload although if we are honest recent events since the pandemic have helped us out quite a lot by generally cutting back on sales all round! 🙄   We remain best known for our rimfire rifles therefore it makes a great deal of sense to us that we concentrate very much on this aspect of our work, especially bearing in mind we have recently taken possession of a further 75 Rimfire Magic receivers plus the same number of our Match bolts.

However we still have in the workshop around fifteen brand new Remington 700 receivers with bolts which Roger has been using to prepare custom rifles. As time permits these will be used to build custom rifles which will be posted on this website.


This is where things start to get more interesting as we now come to the area of semi-custom rifles where personal preference reigns supreme …. the choice of stock! We feel there are very few stocks on the market for Rem 700 rifles which are not particularly good, in fact some of the budget brands eg Choate and Bell & Carlson may not always reach the heights of aesthetic beauty but they are still a very good choice when it comes to functionality and economy. So if you are on a tight budget this is an area where savings may be made. Let’s face it if one’s personal financial status improves you can always update the stock fairly simply at any future time if you wish to do so. However, we feel that the most important aspect of any stock is the inclusion of some means of bedding, whereby the barrelled action may be securely retained in the stock by allowing the two action screws to remain tightly held in the stock by at least a pair of pillars or preferably the inclusion of a solid aluminium bedding block in the stock.  This we feel is the ideal and the ultimate is probably the use of an exclusively metal chassis system.  If the barrelled action is properly set by one of these methods long term accuracy is virtually assured! After that it all comes down to comfort and our belief has always been that if you feel comfortable shooting with a particular stock then you will almost certainly shoot better and more consistently which also means that your shooting should be more enjoyable too ….. which is surely what it’s all about after all!


There are far too many permutations and combinations of Remington 700 barrelled actions and stocks to be able to illustrate them all here but we thought it may help or give you one or two ideas of a semi-custom Rem 700 rifle you might wish to consider if you are currently in the market for one of these rifles.  We usually have one or two on display in our shop for you to handle and take a look at but we will always try to dummy any combination of barrelled action and stock for you to look at when you call.  Meanwhile here are some examples of the most popular stocks we use for you to see …….

Over the years we have acquired quite a few stocks for the Remington 700 rifles we have used for preparing semi-custom rifles which we will ne longer be offering. Many of them are “one off” examples taken from brand new rifles and put aside for the future. Well, the future has now arrived as courtesy of the Covid-19 virus related lockdown we have some spare time on our hands so here are some of the stocks currently offered at extremely realistic prices and ideal for you to refresh or upgrade your current Rem 700 rifle  Shipping cost is £15 per stock

STK001 Bell & Carlson Light Tactical stock with aluminium bedding block, short action, BDL floor plate and Varmint barrel channel. Showing slight marking in the barrel channel …. £225  NOW £125


STK008  Choate Tactical adjustable stock, short action, aluminium bedding block, BDL floor plate inlet, Varmint barrel channel ….  £350  NOW £225

STK011  Choate Ultimate Sniper, short action, aluminium bedding block, no floor plate, Varmint barrel channel ……. £225 NOW £150

STK012  Choate Sniper SCP, short action, no floor plate, Varmint barrel channel, adjustable cheek piece and butt stock …. £375  NOW £225

STK014  Boyds Nutmeg laminate, short action, BDL floor plate, no bedding, Varmint barrel channel …… £150   NOW £80

STK019  Hogue short action, BDL inlet, full aluminium bedding block and spine, Varmint barrel channel, Olive Drab ….. £200    NOW  £120

STK020  Hogue short action, full aluminium bedding block with spine, BDL inlet,Varmint barrel channel, Advantage Timber camo …. £200   NOW  £120

STK022  Boyds Ross thumbhole, short action, BDL inlet, no bedding, sporter barrel channel, Nutmeg laminate …… £175   NOW £100

STK023  Boyds Target/Varmint, short action, BDL inlet, no bedding, Varmint barrel channel, Nutmeg laminate …. £195  NOW £120

STK025 Hogue short action, sporter barrel channel, full aluminium bedding block and spine, black overmoulded finish ….. £200  NOW £120

STK026 Hogue short action, sporter barrel channel, full aluminium bedding block and spine, Timber Camo overmoulded finish ….. £200  NOW £120

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