Ruger 10/22


The pocket sized loading and unloading device designed for use with  Ruger® 10/22® including BX-1, BX-5 rotary magazines  and BX-15 and BX-25 straight magazines. It will not work with the latest left hand magazines used in the new left hand Ruger® 10/22® rifles. neither will it work with magazines held together using double or triple mag clips.  We use a Maglula loader and unloader regularly when test firing our rifles in the workshop and have no hesitation in recommending them!

Simple to use
Eliminate thumb pain and injury
Eliminate wear on feed lips
Prolong magazine life
Lightweight and will fit in a pocket
Reliable in all weather conditions
Made of durable reinforced polymer

We have had several disappointed shooters who wanted to buy a Maglula after seeing one in use by a friend. Despite advising them that the next ones would be more expensive they still asked to be advised when the next batch arrives as they were most impressed when they saw one in action.

Price  £40

(May be ordered through this site, please see page 4 on our Ruger®  10/22® page)



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