Obsolete Calibres

This page updated 25th March 2019


Welcome to one of our newer pages. We have been accumulating a small number of obsolete calibre firearms over the past year or so, mostly as an extension to Roger’s hobby interest in many of these old firearms!    However, due to Sheila’s insistence we (she) has decided to offer some of these for sale. Although Roger may have fired some of the rifles shown they are all offered for collecting only under Section 58 of the Firearms Act which means that no licence is required to purchase them. Should you wish to fire any of them this will be entirely at your own risk and they must be entered on your FAC before doing so and we would strongly advise that the gun is submitted to one of the Proof Houses for testing.  We should also point out that we do not claim to be experts in this field….just possessed with a total and absorbing fascination for these fine old guns! However we will try to answer any questions you may have as best we can, and will happily take further photographs of any particular part which you may require.

NB. Following recent changes to firearms legislation certain offences and lengths of custodial sentences passed means that we will need to ask purchasers of Section 58 firearms to sign a disclosure that they are not prohibited from possessing such firearms under the terms of the Violent Crime Reduction Bill 2017

.44 cal Remington percussion revolver from the US Civil War era. This example has a barrel which is a little on the loose side so is definitely not recommended for shooting, especially as at some time in the past it has “benefitted” from a trigger job which has left this revolver with a VERY light trigger pull which is also not conducive to safety!  It does show fairly decent rifling in the barrel but there is no original finish remaining ….£800

12.7 x 44 Husqvarna rolling block rifle in sound, clean condition all round. The barrel shows a fair amount of pitting but also very strong rifling consistent with the use of black powder cartridges. The receiver has the date 1878. The stock is tight and sound with no cracks or splits. The rifle has an excellent trigger pull …… £595

.54 Burnside carbine:

One of the most popular breech loading American Civil War carbines which employed a rather unusual form of cartridge. After placing the cartridge in the breech and closing the lever a percussion cap was placed on the nipple and after pulling back the hammer the gun was ready to fire.

This example is of the Early Fifth Models and is in mechanically very sound condition with the 21″ barrel showing a good bore with light pitting typical of black powder use which is more pronounced near the breech end of the barrel and the rifling is strong and very pronounced. The woodwork shows the inevitable dings and nicks but no obvious cracks are seen, there is an inspectors cartouche on the left side of the butt stock which is difficult to make out and there is an interesting number “69” next to this cartouche……. £1,500

Rogers & Spencer .44 cal black powder revolver:

A rare opportunity to acquire an original Rogers and Spencer percussion revolver. Approximately 5,000 of the revolvers were manufactured under contract for the US Government near the end of the American Civil War. However the war ended before they were delivered and almost the entire shipment was disposed of to the civilian market by the well know company of Francis Bannerman in New York. This particular revolver is numbered 4307 and shows the Government inspectors cartouche on the grips and other inspectors marks on some metal parts. The revolver shows original blue finish together with areas which have turned to a brown finish (we have tried to show this in the photographs but it’s not easy)

Mechanically the gun is in fine condition with what appears to be the original bluing still present inside the chambers of the cylinder. Most importantly the bore is in superb condition and it is possible that this example has never been fired but of course we cannot be sure of this. The cylinder lock up is superb and the nipples are undamaged, the grips show very minor chipping at the lower edges …….. £2,750

Sharps percussion carbine

Serial number 75519 lock plate correctly marked “C.Sharps patent date 1852 October 5th” and marked behind the hammer “Lawrence Pat April 12th 1859″   Tight action with six groove 22” barrel with very strong rifling with some pitting, marked “New Model 1863” Other correct markings appear elsewhere.  Metal work shows silver/brown patina with very minor freckling …… £1,950

Merril carbine:

This .54 cal single shot percussion carbine #9102 has a 22″ barrel with strong rifling and some pitting. It was a popular American Civil War carbine which fired a combustible cartridge, the breech being sealed by a copper plunger on the end of the lever used to open the breech. All markings are fairly clear and the whole rifle is in overall very good condition, the walnut woodwork showing very few minor dings but no cracks. There is the slightest hint of an inspector’s cartouche on the left side of the stock. The leaf rear sight is complete and the trigger guard and barrel band are brass. The iron barrel and lock plate have faded to a brown patina. The action is fine. This is a nice, clean example of a carbine purchased in some quatity by a number of Union cavalry regiments …… £2,700

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