This page updated 13th March 2009


The Volquartsen family’s business in Carroll, Iowa in the US goes back many years and has developed from a small bluing shop to a major US manufacture of firearms , parts and accessories.  Sadly our UK firearms legislation means that many of the mouth watering guns and parts they currently offer are no longer legal to own here.  Fortunately one of the firearms for which VQ produce parts is the ubiquitous Ruger® 10/22® semi-auto rifle.  If there is one single VQ part for the 10/22® we could not live without it is undoubtedly their carbon fibre barrel which after many years continues to be our best selling barrel which outsells all the other barrels we use by a large margin.  It’s easy to see why we say this but this barrel continues to amaze shooters with its accuracy capability which, coupled with its light weight is what many shooters are looking for whether it is on the range or in the field. US legislation means that many US made barrels are offered at a length of 16.25″ as any rifle with a barrel length of less than 16″ is classified as a short barrel rifle (SBL) rather in the way that we in the UK have to contend with length restrictions which have led to the use of the long barrel revolver (LBR) However in the US the owner of a SBR receives in a tax bill for $200 and the requirement to register the SBR with the Government.  Due to the legal necessities here in the UK we are not able to offer barrels by mail order so they do not appear in the appropriate places on our website. However we are able to offer barrels for sale over the phone but please be aware that the barrel cannot be sent direct to the customer but must be delivered to your local RFD for collection in due course.

We are not always in a position to offer barrels for sale on their own as of course we need to carry a large inventory here for our rifle building programme. Unfortunately it can take us a long while to actually get barrels form the manufacturer in the US to us here after which they must all be submitted to the Proof House for testing.  Our current shipment of ninety VQ carbon fibre barrels took almost NINE MONTHS to get here and at one stage we could not even build one single rifle as we were completely out of the barrels! Fortunately at the time of writing this we are just about to collect another batch of barrels from the Proof House so we will shortly be able to offer the VQ carbon fibre barrels for sale again!  Meanwhile the next batch of our heavy steel barrels of choice (manufactured by the Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company in the US) are currently in production so we are not expecting to have these barrels available for at least 8 weeks.



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