Following the ban on self-loading or semi-automatic rifles back in 1988 AR-15 rifles virtually disappeared from the shooting scene in the UK. However over the past few years we have seen the introduction of a number of military style rifles based on the very popular and successful AR-15 design but offered in a straight pull format which may be likened to a bolt action rifle but using a straight pull rather than the traditional turn bolt system. Whilst we currently offer only a small number of straight pull AR-15 rifles which we have built ourselves (due to ongoing health problems we can’t find the time to build many more in the foreseeable future) we are keenly aware of the large number of these rifles out there so we will continue to offer many of the parts and accessories which we have used when building our own rifles. Also there are a number of rimfire versions of AR-15 rifles in use eg. the Smith & Wesson MP-15 rifle which will accept many of these items.


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