Secondhand Firearms

Secondhand Firearms   Updated 12th October 2020

SY19145  CZ Model 455 .22LR rifle with 16″ threaded barrel and laminate thumbhole stock. This rifle has seen very little use and as far as we can see appears to be in mint condition. Fitted with our trigger kit (naturally!) to give a trigger pull of 2.0lbs the rifle is fitted with an Edgar Brothers 3 – 9 x 40 scope and is supplied with a moderator too if required …. £500

SY19130A   .22lr Rimfire Magic rifle assembled using a brand new receiver with a used Match quality heavy blued steel barrel which we believe was originally made from an Anschutz blank by a well known gunsmith. The barrel is threaded and fitted with a metal sound moderator. The bolt is a new Power Custom Match part and the new polymer factory trigger unit has been fitted with a Power Custom hammer and sear kit and the CST last shot hold open device. So although we have listed this rifle as second hand you will see that it contains many new parts!  The price shown includes a black Magpul X-22 Hunter stock but the barrelled action is available without the stock if required ….. £875 (without the stock …. £700)

SY19020  .22lr Thompson Center semi-auto rifle with threaded barrel, fitted with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope …. £195

SY19009  .22lr Ruger 10/22 with stainless steel barrel (threaded) Factory metal trigger unit fitted with VQ EMR and new Power Custom Competition hammer and auto bolt release ….. £295

SY17886  .303 Enfield SMLE Mklll* manufactured in 1917. A very clean and tidy example of this iconic British service rifle with a bore showing excellent, crisp rifling. The woodwork has a pleasing dull oiled finish … £795


SY19147 Marlin Model 1894 in .357 calibre.  A very clean and shiny example of this sought after lever action rifle. It has seen little use but it has now been upgraded to our latest, fully tuned specification with a trigger pull of 1lb 8oz. It has been fitted with a scope base ….. £950

SY19144  Marlin Cowboy .45 Colt calibre with the rare 24″ octagonal barrel. A chance to acquire an older but well cared for Marlin Cowboy rifle in very good condition. It is fitted with a scope base and has been fully tuned by us and comes with a trigger pull of just 1lb 4oz and one of the smoothest actions you will ever find on a lever action rifle. The bluing is around 95% plus and the woodwork shows only the occasional small mark ….. £875  SOLD

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