Secondhand Firearms

Secondhand Firearms   Updated 25th November 2023

Whilst we normally try to test fire our previously owned firearms prior to sale this has become impossible due to Roger’s health.  We can still test .22 rimfire firearms on our small indoor test range in the workshop but we cannot do this with centrefires.  We therefore offer an unconditional guarantee on used firearms of three months from the date of purchase provided the gun has only been used with factory ammunition and not hand loaded or reloaded ammunition or in the event of accidental damage through carelessness etc.

SY19769  Ruger®  10/22® .22LR semi-auto rifle with 18.5″ stainless steel barrel (threaded), tuned metal trigger unit with ABR and EMR installed in ATI Tactical style stock with folding buttstock. Fitted with Hawke 4 x 40 scope, the whole rifle is in very clean condition and has been stripped, cleaned , lubricated and test fired …… £295


SY19754  Ruger®  10/22® .22LR semi-auto rifle with fully moderated Rimfire Magic barrel built around a 14″ Volquartsen match barrel. The trigger unit is a fully tuned two stage metal unit with ABR and EMR and a Bell & Carlson synthetic thumbhole  stock is fitted. The rifle is in very clean condition with one or two minor scuffs to the moderator finish and the stock but these are minimal. A rare opportunity to acquire one of our fully moderated barrels! Fitted with Hawke 3-9×50 NiteEye scope scope, the whole rifle is in very clean condition and has been stripped, cleaned , lubricated and test fired …… £495


SY19461A  Ruger® 10/22® .22LR semi-auto rifle recently assembled using a very slightly used receiver, bolt and barrel together with a brand new Ruger® BX® trigger unit and metal open M1 carbine style sights and reproduction wood stock. In mint condition it’s great fun to shoot and surprisingly accurate …… £495  SOLD


SY19719  CZ .22lr Model 455 rifle with laminate thumbhole stock and 20″ varmint profile barrel fitted with Sirocco sound moderator. This rifle has a tuned trigger and is in impeccable condition and you might be forgiven for thinking it was brand new!  Currently fitted with a Nikko Stirling Targetmaster 8-32 x 44 Japanese made scope we are offering this complete outfit for £595


SY19705   Ruger® 10/22®  .22lr semi-auto rifle with silver aluminium receiver and stainless steel barrel in black polymer stock. Tuned trigger with ABR and EMR. A sound and clean little rifle …. £250


SY19556   Ruger®  10/22® .22lr semi-auto rifle in stunning condition. Blacked aluminium receiver with blued steel barre (not threaded) and  fibre optic sights front and rear. In a grey synthetic stock with tuned trigger with EMR and ABR ….. £250


SY17876    A composite AR-15 .22 rimfire semi-auto rifle comprising a brand new ATI Omni lower receiver made from polymer and fitted with a very slightly used Tactical Solutions complete upper receiver assembly. Black Dog 25 round magazine, vented handguard and Magpul collapsible buttstock ….. £595

SY19609 Anschutz Model 1515-1516  sporting rifle in .22WMR (.22 magnum) calibre with 23″ threaded barrel, four shot capacity magazine. A pretty little rifle with attractive woodwork with schnabel forend and rollover cheek piece. Grooved received to accept a scope but no iron sights fitted …. £275


SY19618 .22LR CZ Model 455 thumbhole laminate stock with 20″ threaded heavy barrel, tuned trigger. In very clean condition and ready for work or play …. £375


SY19621  CZ Model 455  with 20″ heavy barrel in factory laminate thumbhole stock. The trigger has been tuned and this very attractive rifle is also fitted with a factory muzzle brake and aftermarket oversize bolt knob. Another rifle which appears to have seen little use and is offered in beautiful condition …. £400 RESERVED

.303 Lee Enfield No 4 Mk2 rifles  We weren’t sure whether to put these in the second hand or new firearms pages as they are unfired except of course for recent Proof testing and marking. In fairness we will also put these on our New Firearms page as well! They are fine examples of the last Lee Enfields manufactured at the Fazakerley factory on Merseyside back in 1955. These were never issued and eventually found their way into long term storage. We have been lucky enough to get our hands on several of these fine rifles over the past few years but their scarcity has led to ever rising prices. We have obtained them from various sources in the US where they have been for sale at prices up to $2,500! Naturally we have to pay for shipping, export fees and then add 23% for VAT and Duty. These examples are in excellent condition with just one or two minor storage dings. As you would expect the metalwork is superb and of course the bores are perfect!  Price £2,000 each


SY19731  Marlin Model 1894CS  .357 mag calibre.  An outstanding example of an earlier “JM” Marlin manufactured in 1997 but proofed in 1998. In remarkable condition for its age with 95% plus factory bluing on the metalwork and the same on the woodwork. One or two minor scratches (very shallow) on the top of the receiver but no indication that a scope base has ever been attached. Naturally this rifle has received Roger’s full tuning treatment and should be a delight to shoot ….. £1,000  SOLD


SY19741  Marlin .44 mag Model SBL in stainless steel, with 16.5″ round barrel and grey laminate stock, big loop, fully tuned by Roger (naturally!) and exceptionally slick!   This example is truly excellent! .. £1,200  RESERVED


SY19381  Marlin .44 mag with 20″ round barrel, blued. This rifle is virtually mint and appears to have seen very little use. It has of course been fully tuned and slicked by Roger and is ready for use …. £1,000 UNDER OFFER


SY19576 Marlin .44 mag lever action rifle, an older model but in superb condition and shows little evidence of use.  It features a 20″ round blued barrel and naturally has received our full tuning and slicking procedures with a trigger pull of just 1lb 12oz  This is a Marlin which has clearly been nurtured by its previous owner and remains a credit to him. Serial number begins with 93 indicating manufacture in 2007 and shows a proof year of 2008  …. £1,000 RESERVED


SY19382  Marlin .44 mag with 20″ round barrel, blued. Rather like buses, you wait for ages for one and then three turn up at the same time! This example is similar to the one above but there is one scratch on the buttstock which is not very obvious but you can see it if you look hard. Fitted with Weaver 63B base for optics and tuned of course and looking for a good home …. £1,000

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