Secondhand Firearms

Secondhand Firearms   Updated 30th April 2022

SY7794A  Ruger 77/22 .22LR Custom rifle built by us on a used receiver fitted with a brand new Volquartsen carbon fibre tensioned 16″ barrel threaded to accept a muzzle brake or sound moderator. Fitted with Ruger 1″ scope rings and a Match trigger giving a crisp, light pull. The barrelled action is installed in a laminate stock. NB. The scope rings are included but the scope pictured is NOT included ….. £675

SY19424  Ruger American .22LR bolt action rifle with 18″ stainless steel barrel and action, Weaver style scope base and Cordura sleeve over the polymer butt stock. Little used and comes with its manual and original box which still contains its second butt stock module offering a different comb height and a spare magazine. The barrel has no open sights fitted and is threaded at the muzzle 1/2 x 28UNEF  A clean little rifle ready for use …… £375

SY19020  .22lr Thompson Center semi-auto rifle with threaded barrel, fitted with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope …. £195

SY19396  .22lr Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle in superb, virtually as new condition. Complete with manual and original factory box. This rifle has seen very little use and represents a rare opportunity to acquire one of these much sought after rimfire rifles with adjustable synthetic stock and threaded barrel.  This example has a delightful 2.75 lbs trigger pull …. £550

SY19361  .22lr CZ 452 lux bolt action rifle in very good condition with full length barrel and excellent open sights. Very clean stock showing only minor blemishes. Features a threaded barrel and tuned trigger ….. £295

SY17921  RWS sporting rifle in .222Rem calibre made for Dynamit Nobel. This example is in good, clean condition and does not appear to have seen much use over the years. The 22″ barrel is not threaded at the muzzle and the receiver has two piece Weaver style bases for mounting a scope and although the receiver and barrel are drilled and tapped for open sights, none are fitted. The bore looks clean and bright with strong rifling and this rifle is offered at a sensible price, complete with a sling …. £225

SY18895  Howa 6.5 Grendel barrelled action installed in MDT LSS chassis  with Hogue pistol grip and Magpul MOE fixed stock (all in flat dark earth) with 20″ barrel .730″ dia at muzzle, threaded 5/8 x 24 UNEF. Two piece Weaver bases fitted. Assembled originally for Roger’s own use and fired less than 25 rounds (he also built a 6.5 Grendel AR-15 rifle which he preferred and is currently on his personal FAC) This is a neat, compact and lightweight rifle in a calibre rarely seen in a bolt action rifle. Not surprisingly it is in as new condition and features Howa’s latest, excellent two stage trigger mechanism. If you are seeking a compact rifle for fox control or target shooting in an interesting calibre this one may be worth thinking about ….. £750  SOLD

SY19327 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser military rifle manufactured 1898. Unthreaded barrel with great rifling. All major parts show matching numbers and the metal and woodwork parts are in very clean condition. This is one of Roger’s personal rifles and is very accurate but has not been shot for some time now. It has the usual clean two stage trigger you expect to find on one of these fine rifles and has won the odd competition in the good old days when Roger could still shoot properly …… £595

SY19347  .308 Remington 700 SPS Varmint rifle with 26″ threaded barrel in MDT Oryx chassis system. Fitted with 20MOA scope rail and tactical bolt knob, ten round MDT magazine and tuned trigger with a crisp, light pull weight …. £1,200  SOLD

SY19405   .44mag Marlin Model 1894 SBL stainless steel lever action rifle with 16″ barrel, large loop lever, XS scope rail with ghost ring rear sight and white line front sight. Beautiful condition and seen very little use since purchased new from ourselves it naturally comes with our fully tuned, smooth operating action and lightened trigger pull weight … £1,200 SOLD

SY19420  Marlin .45/70 Dark Series lever action rifle in excellent condition with very few rounds fired. Fitted with 16″ factory threaded barrel, XS ghost ring rear sight on picatinny rail with ramp front sight with red insert.  Paracord wrapped large loop lever and sling, this rifle’s action has been tuned by us and shows a light, crisp tuned trigger pull weight too. The handguard has been fitted with two neat, small side ribs and a finger stop to allow for a firm grip to aid good, steady shooting. A really neat lever action rifle in a classic calibre …..  £1,200

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