Secondhand Firearms

Secondhand Firearms   Updated 25th May 2024

Whilst we normally try to test fire our previously owned firearms prior to sale this has become impossible due to Roger’s health.  We can still test .22 rimfire firearms on our small indoor test range in the workshop but we cannot do this with centrefires.  We therefore offer an unconditional guarantee on used firearms of three months from the date of purchase provided the gun has only been used with factory ammunition and not hand loaded or reloaded ammunition or in the event of accidental damage through carelessness etc.

SY19804  Marlin Model 39A Century .22LR lever action rifle in very clean condition, functions well. This was a  limited edition with 31,197 rifles made in 1970 which was Marlin’s 100th anniversary. It features a 20″ octagonal barrel which, like the rest of the metalwork shows excellent blued finish with the woodwork also very good with a few light marks only. Fitted with an unusual Pecar 3 x 36 scope (age unknown) but of vintage appearance. The view through this scope is cloudy but usable under bright light conditions ….. £750

SY19769  Ruger®  10/22® .22LR semi-auto rifle with 18.5″ stainless steel barrel (threaded), tuned metal trigger unit with ABR and EMR installed in ATI Tactical style stock with folding buttstock. Fitted with Hawke 4 x 40 scope, the whole rifle is in very clean condition and has been stripped, cleaned , lubricated and test fired …… £295

SY17876    A composite AR-15 .22 rimfire semi-auto rifle comprising a brand new ATI Omni lower receiver made from polymer and fitted with a very slightly used Tactical Solutions complete upper receiver assembly. Black Dog 25 round magazine, vented handguard and Magpul collapsible buttstock ….. £595

.303 Lee Enfield No 4 Mk2 rifles  We weren’t sure whether to put these in the second hand or new firearms pages as they are unfired except of course for recent Proof testing and marking. In fairness we will also put these on our New Firearms page as well! They are fine examples of the last Lee Enfields manufactured at the Fazakerley factory on Merseyside back in 1955. These were never issued and eventually found their way into long term storage. We have been lucky enough to get our hands on several of these fine rifles over the past few years but their scarcity has led to ever rising prices. We have obtained them from various sources in the US where they have been for sale at prices up to $2,500! Naturally we have to pay for shipping, export fees and then add 23% for VAT and Duty. These examples are in excellent condition with just one or two minor storage dings. As you would expect the metalwork is superb and of course the bores are perfect!  Price £2,000 each   ALL SOLD

SY19802  Marlin .357 mag with 20″ octagonal barrel. Stunning, exceptional, amazing or incredible are just a few of the words which may be used to describe this magnificent (ah …. there’s another word) example of a highly sought after Marlin Cowboy rifle (perhaps we should be estate agents!)  Seriously this is one beautiful rifle which although was manufactured in 2009 looks as if it has just come from the factory. The only marks we have found are two tiny pin pricks at the rear of the stock. It has been fully tuned by us of course. It is fitted with a Simmons Classic Whitetail 1.5 – 5 x 20 scope which was always our favourite scope for Marlin lever action rifles  …. £1,500

SY19382  Marlin .44 mag with 20″ round barrel, blued. Rather like buses, you wait for ages for one and then three turn up at the same time! This example is similar to the one above but there is one scratch on the buttstock which is not very obvious but you can see it if you look hard. Fitted with Weaver 63B base for optics and tuned of course and looking for a good home …. £1,000

SY19803  Marlin Model 1894 Cowboy with 24″ octagonal barrel in truly outstanding condition despite a manufacture date of 2002 this rifle has been extremely well cared for by its previous owner(s)  It retains almost all its bluing and the woodwork is outstanding too. A truly beautiful rifle which has benefitted from our full tuning work with a wonderfully smooth action ….. £1,250   SOLD

SY19778   Marlin Model 1894 Cowboy in .45 Colt calibre with 24″ octagonal barrel. This example dates back to 2001 but is in beautiful condition which belies its age! Woodwork and metalworks showing around 95% original finish and the bore is excellent too! We get the impression this rifle is what our US friends would call a “safe queen” meaning it has been locked away and seem very little use. We don’t see many Cowboy rifles with the longer 24″ barrels either! It goes without question that the mechanism has received Roger’s full treatment and is fully tuned with a 2.5 lbs trigger pull …£1,000

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