Secondhand Firearms

Secondhand Firearms   Updated 22nd August 2021

SY19332  .22LR Anschutz Model 1417 sporting rifle. An extremely clean and well presented example of this sporting rifle which thinks it’s a target rifle. Superb accuracy from a 14″ threaded barrel aided by the usual wonderful two stage trigger. This is the highly sought after thumbhole stock version. It is fitted with a generic, unlabelled 10×42 scope. Virtually unmarked and comes with a spare ten round factory magazine ….. £575

SY19321  Rimfire Magic .22LR semi-auto rifle with 16″ Volquartsen carbon fibre barrel with muzzle brake in a Boyds Evolution Pepper laminate stock. Fully tuned trigger unit which includes a CST last shot hold open device. A Power Custom extended bolt handle assembly is fitted. This rifle has seen little use and is in excellent condition  …… £995


SY19020  .22lr Thompson Center semi-auto rifle with threaded barrel, fitted with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope …. £195


SY19009  .22lr Ruger 10/22 with stainless steel barrel (threaded) Factory metal trigger unit fitted with VQ extended mag release and new Power Custom Competition hammer and auto bolt release ….. £295

SY19270 .22lr CZ Model 455 Varmint 16″ threaded barrel in a laminate thumbhole stock and with a tuned trigger. This rifle looks like new and has seen very little use ….. £450

SY19307  .223 cal Remington SPS Tactical rifle fitted into a Magpul stock with its aluminium bedding block as an aid to accuracy. Also fitted with a Magpul floor plate and magazine system. A quality picatinny scope rail and an adjusted trigger are included. The barrel is threaded for a moderator and a Wildcat moderator is available separately if required (see below) This rifle and moderator were purchased new from us earlier this year and they are reluctantly for sale due to the original owner’s recent health problem ….. £1,200

.223 Wildcat sound moderator originally fitted to the rifle shown above. Available with the rifle or as a separate item (slightly used) ….. £150

SY19200/19201  .303 Lee Enfield No 4 Mk2 rifle (choice of two) We weren’t sure whether to put these in the second hand or new firearms pages as they are unfired except of course for recent Proof testing and marking. In fairness we will also put these on our New Firearms page as well! They are fine examples of the last Lee Enfields manufactured at the Fazakerley factory on Merseyside back in 1955. These were never issued and eventually found their way into long term storage. We have been lucky enough to get our hands on several of these fine rifles over the past few years but their scarcity has led to ever rising prices. We have obtained them from various sources in the US where they have been for sale at prices up to $2,500! Naturally we have to pay for shipping, export fees and then add 23% for VAT and Duty. These examples are in excellent condition with just one or two minor storage dings. As you would expect the metalwork is superb and of course the bores are perfect! In view of the rising prices these are almost certainly the last ones we will import …… £1,950 each   BOTH NOW SOLD BUT WE HAVE TWO MORE ON THE WAY FROM THE USA!  ONE OF WHICH IS STILL “MUMMY WRAPPED”

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