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Secondhand Firearms   Updated 14th March 2020

.22lr Ruger® 10/22® semi-auto rifle with Green Mountain 15″ stainless steel heavy, fluted barrel with muzzle brake, tuned trigger, Magpul X-22 stock, Nikko-Stirling 4-16×50 Gamemaster scope. The whole outfit is in very clean condition and ready to shoot ….. £595

.22lr Thompson Center semi-auto rifle with threaded barrel, fitted with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope …. £195

.30-06  Springfield 1903-A3 rifle with Remington receiver. Apart from the receiver and bolt this rifle has been recently rebuilt using nearly all new parts and is fitted with an unissued two groove GI barrel. The woodwork is all new and this is a rare opportunity to acquire a classic US military rifle in such fine condition. Good groups were obtained when this rifle was test fired…… £950

.38-40 Marlin lever action rifle manufactured in 1892 but in extremely good condition bearing in mind its venerable age! The wood shows numerous marks and dings but nothing serious and no cracks! The metal shows 95% bluing on barrel, receiver and magazine tube. The bore shows strong rifling with the inevitable light frosting expected in a black powder cartridge rifle for which this one is proofed. We have not got around to shooting this rifle yet but it appears to function correctly using snap caps …. £1,000

.357 mag Marlin Model 1894P with 16″ barrel. This model was only manufactured for 18 – 24 months back in the 1990’s so is a fairly rare find nowadays. This one was supplied new by us all those years ago fitted with a Wild West Guns Trigger Happy kit and has had just the one (lucky) owner who has reluctantly cut down on his shooting due to recent poor health (he has our sympathy there!)  It has a scope base fitted. This example is in excellent, very clean condition and has clearly been very well looked after ….. £1,000 SALE  PENDING

.44 mag Marlin Model 1894 with 20″ barrel, tuned. This is an older model  but has the modern Ballard style rifling which we supplied new and has been carefully looked after by a mature gentleman who sadly has been forced to retire from shooting ….. £850

.44 Marlin Model 1894SS (stainless steel) with 20″  barrel which has been through our tuning procedure (as if we would dream of offering such a fine rifle any other way!) and is in excellent all round condition ….. £1,000

.45 Colt Model 1894 Cowboy with 24″ octagonal barrel.  Another model which we don’t see very often and one we have lusted after for ourselves for some time!  This particular example is in excellent condition showing around 95% bluing with a couple of minor blemishes in the metal. As for the action, we have tuned this ourselves in the past and at the risk of sounding big headed is probably one of the very best we have ever done. Please purchase this rifle quickly before we succumb to the great temptation to keep this one for ourselves to shoot! ….. £1,000

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