CMC AR-15 Trigger (Two-Stage) 2+2


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CMC’s Two stage flat trigger incorporates the most advanced methods available.  This trigger is for AR-15 shooters who place the highest demands on quality, function and reliability. It has a fine match grade trigger pull that is an extremely simple upgrade to implement and has a combined pull weight of 2+2  lbs.   Two stage triggers require the shooter to pull the trigger until it hits a “break wall” which is a stopping point between the first and second stages.  Similar to “taking up the slack” as some people call it, the two stage trigger then breaks during the second stage after hitting the break wall. The benefit of a two stage trigger is that the shooter knows at exactly what point the trigger will break and is often preferred on a DMR or marksman type of rifle.

The total pull weight is actually 4 lbs but this is broken down as 2 lbs for the first stage take up and a further 2 lbs for the trigger release itself.