Ranger Point Precision Marlin 1894 Extractor


First produced by Ranger Point Precision in the US a couple of years ago this new extractor has proved to be a very popular upgrade for the Model 1894 Marlin lever action rifles.  It has been completely redesigned and is a very different design from the factory part which is prone to erratic extraction and ejection but also to interfering with smooth feeding of a new cartridge as well. In the past we found it almost obligatory to reshape the factory part to ensure correct functioning.

The design has been improved by replacing the flat spring with a coil-type compression item and the extractor body has heavier construction for strength and closely held tolerances. Revised geometry ensures no case gets left behind. Drop-in part with a replacement spring in case of loss and a pin punch required for simple DIY installation.

To determine which type of extractor your rifle will need please examine the bolt face on your rifle and compare it to the picture shown. This part will fir all modern Marlin 1894 rifles including Cowboy models in pistol calibres.

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