Otis Ripcord cleaning kit for rimfire rifles


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The Otis Ripcord® delivers the best one-pass cleaning you can get for your rimfire firearm. Run it through your gun from breech to muzzle, with no gravity feed necessary. The rigid, helix-shaped rubber core keeps the cleaning surface pressed against the bore, engaging the rifling for an aggressive clean. The braided Nomex® surface can take up to 700 degree heat, so you can clean it at the range or in the field while the barrel is still hot. Unlike other similar products which usually have an integral metal brush we do NOT recommend the use of metal brushes in our Match quality barrels!  The Ripcord may be used dry or you may fit a slotted loop in the end of the Ripcord to allow the use of a standard cleaning patch which van be used with solvent or dry.  We do stress the importance of keeping the chamber area of your rimfire barrel clean to avoid problems with feeding, extraction and ejection, and the use of the Ripcord can make this small but essential job much easier to perform.