Modified and Improved Ruger® 10/22® BX Trigger Unit


We are currently offering two versions of the best trigger unit Ruger® have ever offered for the 10/22® rifle. This one comes with our basic improvements which add maximum benefit for minimal outlay. We take the factory trigger unit and replace the bolt lock with a Power Custom extended bolt release which allows the shooter to lock the bolt back by pressing up on the release from underneath. Unlike the factory bolt lock which requires releasing by pushing upwards and to the rear whilst simultaneously pulling back on the bolt handle this extended version is locked back in the same manner, but releasing it is simply accomplished by pulling gently back on the bolt handle and letting it go. This allows the bolt to run forward and chamber the cartridge.

The trigger pull itself is reduced to an average of around 2.5 lbs by replacing the factory trigger plunger return spring with our custom manufactured reduced power version. We also offer elsewhere on this site our enhanced version of the BX® trigger unit which is designed where a snappy and rapid trigger return is appreciated eg steel plate and other action shooting events. This enhanced version incorporates a Brimstone Gunsmithing conversion trigger blade and torsion spring. The current version offered here is a slightly more economical way to achieve a good trigger pull for your Ruger® 10/22® rifle eminently suitable for improving your shooting pleasure.