Hammer and adjustable sear package


This is our best selling 10/22 trigger upgrade and we use these parts when a customer specifically requests an upgrade from our Ruger® BX trigger unit we offer as our default trigger mechanism. Drop in kit that produces a trigger pull of around 2.75 lbs. These are the highest quality parts on the market. EDM produced. Includes an Extra Power Hammer Spring, Extra Power Disconnector Spring, Replacement Trigger Return Spring, 2 Hammer Shims, & 2 Trigger Shims.

You can Adjust the pretravel out of the Adjustable ones without any problem. You have to remove the sear out of the gun to adjust it but once it is adjusted you can locktite the screw with red locktite and it will hold with out any problems.

Does not work in the 10-22 Mag.

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