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Updated 5th September 2018

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.17 HMR

.22 rimfire

SY18760 Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle, 14" barrel, Olive Drab Magpul stock, muzzle brake, Williams Ace in the Hole sights, fitted with Power Competition hammer, in excellent condition .... £500

SY18668  CZ American model (LEFT HAND) with shortened 14" threaded barrel, tuned trigger, exceptionally accurate, fitted with SAK sound moderator, good condition and ready for work! .... £275

SY17929  Ruger Model 77/22 rifle with grey stainless steel barrel and action shortened to 16" and threaded for moderator. Fitted with Rifle Basix trigger for a crisp 2.0 lb pull, excellent condition ... £595

SY17941  Rimfire Magic semi-auto rifle with 16" Majestic Arms lightweight barrel & muzzle brake, extended bolt handle assembly, carry handle with scope mount attached, Volquartsen TG 2000 trigger unit, ACE butt stock, Hogue pistol grip, A2 front sight assembly fitted, Ruger 15 round mag ....... £600

SY18028 CZ452 rifle with 24" barrel, tuned trigger, with bipod, moderator and sling .... £195

SY18667 Ruger 10/22 de luxe, walnut stock fitted with semi-adjustable butt pad, tuned trigger etc, good, clean alround condition, ready to go ...... £250

SY18730 Ruger 10/22 stainless, tuned trigger, Hogue stock, includes moderator .... £250


SY14133 Mauser produced by the Obendorf facility in 1900 this example shows excellent, very strong rifling. The receiver and bolt show matching numbers but the woodwork and associated metal parts all show the same number which does not match the receiver/bolt assembly........ £550

SY14134 Swedish Mauser manufactured by Carl Gustav in 1911, the bore is good and bright, and the stock is in good, sound condition with an interesting silver coloured plaque in the butt stock bearing
the wording which we understand translates as "INSURANCE COMPANY HANSA SPECIAL AWARD IV" which may indicate possibly a prize for a shooting competition or some other type of award. Metal finish is original blue with a little scattered brown and grey and the receiver bridge has two drilled and tapped holes, presumably for a Soderin or other type of rear sight. The bore is bright with strong rifling. Matching numbers except bolt and rear sight ........ £500




Springfield 1903-A3 with Remington receiver. Apart from the receiver this rifle has been built using nearly all new parts and is fitted with an unissued GI two groove barrel. The woodwork is all new and this is a rare chance to find this classic US military rifle in this condition currently we have a choice of two of these iconic rifles available. Both have been test fired with good groups obtained...... £950



SY18764 Marlin Model 1894 Cowboy with 24" octagonal barrel. Trigger Happy kit fitted giving a 1.75lbs pull, Marbles tang sight and Lyman front tunnel sight, very clean condition. A much sought after Marlin rifle and the 24" barrel versin has not been manufactured for several years ..... £1,000

.44 mag


.44 BP

A rare opportunity to acquire an original Rogers and Spencer percussion revolver. Approximately 5,000 of the revolvers were manufactured under contract for the US Government near the end of the American Civil War. However the war ended before they were delivered and almost the entire shipment was disposed of to the civilian market by the well know company of Francis Bannerman in New York. This particular revolver is numbered 4307 and shows the Government inspectors cartouche on the grips and other inspectors marks on some metal parts. The revolver shows original blue finish together with areas which have turned to a brown finish (we have tried to show this in the photographs but it's not easy)

Mechanically the gun is in fine condition with what appears to be the original bluing still present inside the chambers of the cylinder. Most importantly the bore is in superb condition and it is possible that this example has never been fired but of course we cannot be sure of this. The cylinder lock up is superb and the nipples are undamaged, the grips show very minor chipping at the lower edges ........ £2,750



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