Ruger® 10/22® bolt tune up kit


We offer two of Power Custom’s popular parts together in a package which saves you £5.00 from the total cost of the parts if you were to purchase them separately. The  firing pin is wire EDM cut from A-2 tool steel. Extra mass for reduced incidence of misfires caused by light primer strikes and a larger striking area to the front of the pin. Advanced extractor redesigned to be hard, sharp, & strong where it needs to be which allows for more positive extraction. Includes extra power extractor spring.

When fitting any new firing pin to your Ruger® 10/22® it is important to check the new firing pin does not protrude from the front of the bolt when the firing pin is pushed to it’s most forward position from the rear.  A gap of .003″ – .010″ is recommended between the foremost position of the depressed firing pi and the front surface of the bolt. This will prevent any possible damage to the breech face or the firing pin itself if the rifle is accidentally  fired without a round in the chamber.

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