Enhanced Ruger BX Trigger


Ruger’s new BX trigger unit is one of the latest factory innovations for their 10/22 rifle and has been introduced into certain models at the factory. It is also available here as an upgrade and we highly recommend it as we fit it into the majority of our Rimfire Magic rifles as we have been very impressed by it.  However we offer it as an enhanced trigger unit which is ready to drop in as a replacement to your current trigger unit. Our improvements include the fitting of a Power Custom extended automatic bolt release and our latest modification which is the installation of a Brimstone Gunsmithing replacement trigger blade and spring. This conversion offers an improvement in the trigger pull and reset after firing. The new trigger blade has two flat surfaces for finger placement and more importantly the existing trigger return plunger and spring have been replaced by a modified torsion spring connected to the trigger blade. The removal of the original plunger and spring allows for a much snappier and consistent trigger return. One of the problems in obtaining a consistent trigger pull in the factory trigger units stems from the plunger channel in the rear of the trigger housing. This cannot be drilled in a straight line due to interference from the front of the trigger unit bow so the plunger and spring are canted to one side. The Brimstone kit avoids this problem. This unit gives an average trigger pull of around 2.5 lbs.