AR Style Birdcage Style Rimfire Rifle Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider


Manufactured for us in aluminium and black hard anodised finish this brake/flash hider is based on the familiar “birdcage” style unit fitted to many AR-15 rifles. This version does NOT have the solid portion designed to prevent dust and dirt being blown around the muzzle when the rifle is fired from the prone position which means it screws straight onto the barrel but does NOT require indexing! Offered in either 1/2 x 20 UNF or 1/2 x 28 UNEF threads this unit is intended for use on rimfire rifles only where a military style brake/flash hider is desired to suit the rifle.  NB!  IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE ON CENTREFIRE RIFLES DUE TO ITS ALUMINIUM CONSTRUCTION!

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1/2 x 20UNF, 1/2 x 28UNEF