AR-15 M4 Buffer Tube (Oversize)


M4-style receiver extension tube has six precision-machined notches on the underside for maximum flexibility in setting length-of-pull with adjustable buttstocks. Lets you install a mil-spec stock on a civilian carbine or refit a rifle with an A2-style fixed buttstock with an adjustable M4 stock. Outside diameter of tube is machined approximately .003″ oversized for snug, rattle-free fit of stocks designed for mil-spec extensions. Lightly sand interior of stock to get just the right combination of snugness and freedom over movement. Machined from a lightweight aluminum extrusion before hardcoat anodizing with a wear-resistant matte black finish.  NB This tube is machined .003″ oversize so please be aware that you will probably need to sand down the inside of your butt stock. This is designed to remove virtually all of the play or “wobble” frequently found when installing M4 collapsible butt stocks. This way you can achieve the required balance between tight fit and easy movement of your butt stock.