.17HMR rifles       Updated 23rd June 2017

DSCN0417 We have been overwhelmed with interest in this amazing little cartridge and the rifles which use it. Many customers have confirmed the inherent accuracy and terminal ballistic effects of the .17HMR We can also confirm that shortening and screwcutting the barrels on these rifles proved to be one of our better ideas! In fact both CZ and Anschutz rifles are now available direct from the manufactures in the same format as our modified ones following DSCN0411contact from either the factory or importer. The end result is a more portable and pointable rifle eminently suitable for shooting from a vehicle. Customer feedback confirms that the shorter barrels have no drawbacks, and the slightly reduce muzzle velocity does not impair the bullet's effect on the quarry. We are now stocking the latest CCI A17 Varmint Tip .17HMR ammunition which is stated by the manufacturer to give velocities 100 fps above other brands at 2,650 fps @ £36 per 100

Sound moderators
We are frequently asked which moderator is best for use with .17HMR rifles. We have supplied several types including reflex style which work well but we feel they are rather expensive for use with this calibre. We strongly recommend either the SAK which is available in black or silver for £35.00 or the Sirocco which is black and comes in at £38.00 Recently more .17 calibre specific moderators have appeared on the market and we supply the Wildcat Whisper which is a reflex design at £120

DSCN0338Cleaning the .17HMR rifle
This remains a rather contentious issue! We have read reports which recommend cleaning every 15-20 rounds to maintain accuracy, we have also seen reports that these rifles shoot better with a moderately fouled barrel! You pays yer money and takes yer choice! However, you will need to clean it sometimes! We offer the excellent and field portable Boresnake for just £18.00, but for a good seeing to you can't beat a decent rod. The problem here is of course that the bore size is oh so tiny, and there isn't a lot of room for a rod and jag.

Shown in the picture above is a highly recommended item ......a bore guide for safer cleaning in such a small calibre. We stock this useful item for Ruger, Marlin and CZ .17 rimfire bolt action rifles for £22.00 each.

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