RM 22 system   Updated 26th August 2014

Welcome to our new RM-22 page. There has been an explosion of .22r rimfire semi-automatic military style rifles recently, some of which contain cheaper grades of plastics and metals in their construction. The long term durability and reliability of some of these rifles will only be determined some time in the future. Our system is based on a proven design (introduced in 1964) upgraded with several parts CNC manufactured here in the UK.  Whilst we offer complete rifles using our own Rimfire Magic receiver and trigger guard as the basis of the build we also offer our RM-22 chassis system and accessory parts to those shooters who already own a Ruger® 10/22® and would like to upgrade it....   The photo below is just one example of the use of the RM-22 system with a Rimfire Magic receiver and trigger group.....

We have just had a further batch of the chassis manufactured as the RM-22 system has become quite popular over the past year or so not only as a complete rifle from us but also as a replacement stock system for Ruger® 10/22® owners.


You may start your build with these two parts which are used to build all Rimfire Magic rifles. Then, using the RM-22 chassis system as shown above you can simply choose from a range of genuine AR-15 parts to complete your build. All our accessory parts are made from quality mil spec polymers or alloys for strength and longevity!   The price for the receiver (complete with bolt, match extractor, recoil buffer and extended bolt handle assembly) and trigger assembly (including tuned trigger, auto bolt release, extended mag release) is £475 then add a barrel from our build list  Then simply add the chassis system and your choice of handguard, pistol grip and buttstock etc as shown below.....or, if you already own a Ruger® 10/22® you can simply select the chassis, plus your choice of handguard, pistol grip and buttstock etc.......


Rimfire Magic RM-22 chassis complete with handguard adapter and screws    Price £125


The classic A-2 style buttstock including receiver extension tube  Price £70
Choate A-2 style with butt hook, including receiver extension tube  Price £60
CAR collapsible multi-position stock   Price £90
ACE fixed stock with foam rubber cover, including receiver extension tube  Price £100


Hogue free floating handguard (aluminium overmoulded with a rubber textured finish) offered as a set complete with pistol grip in a choice of black, ghillie tan or olive drab (illustrated) Price £85

Aluminium free float carbine length handguards from various manufacturers:

DPMS (top) Price  £48
FA Enterprises (bottom) Price £75

Yankee Hill Machine free float handguard with four picatinny rails, anodised aluminium Price  £120

No picure yet but similar to the AR Stoner shown here

DPMS handguard set comrising barrel nut, delta ring, two-piece plastic handguard, end cap and A-2 front sight. NB. Only suitable for .920" barrels as shown  Price £130

If you don't require the front sight shown here we can replace this part with a dummy gas block which is needed to hold the handguard in position   Price £80

NB.  Barrel not included


Hogue rubber pistol grip with finger grooves (black only) Price £25
Image to follow
DPMS A2 plastic pistol grip  £5.00


Promag polymer fore grip attaches to any picatinny handguard or forend rail  Price £20
Yankee Hill Machine bipod stud adapter fits to picatinny or Weaver style rail  Price £30

Please check back as we will be adding more ideas to this page soon .......





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