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  SPECIAL OFFER!   CZ model 455 16" Varmint barrel package comprising the rifle with its laminate thumbhole stock complete with Bushnell Banner 3-9x50 scope and rings, swivel bipod, 9.5" - 13.5" swivel bipod and Sirocco sound moderator. The rifle is of course fitted with our reknowned trigger kit to give a pull of around 2.0 lbs at a genuine bargain price of just £625  Currently out of stock but more due in during November!

The rifle itself without the rest of the package deal will be available at £525

SY17892 CZ bolt action sporting rifle with integral moderator, 2.0 lbs trigger pull ..... £600


CZ rifles
Always a good selection of this popular rimfire calibre in stock including the value for money CZ rifles, all of which are offered fitted with our well known trigger kit to give a crisp, single stage pull of around 2.0 lbs  The following models we try to keep on the shelf, pre tuned and ready to go!

.17HMR CZ rifles 16" barrels:  Varmint with walnut stock £465     Varmint with thumbhole laminate stock  £512        Varmint with Evolution stock in forest camo  £525

.22LR CZ rifles 16" barrels: Varmint in walnut stock £465   Varmint in thumbhole laminate stock £505
Varmint thumbhole  20" barrel version at £450      Varmint with Evolution stock in forest camo   £525

                                  NEW AND EXCLUSIVE TO THE RIMFIRE MAGIC RANGE!
Our Rimfire Magic receiver with fully tuned trigger mechanism and 12.5" Volquartsen carbon fibre barrel and muzzle brake fitted into the latest thumbhole Hogue overmoulded stock. We have a limited number of these new stocks to hand in black, olive drab and flat dark earth. Not only do these stocks look great..... they also handle very well too!   This latest Rimfire Magic rifle is available now at £885 (does not include the optic shown)

Some interesting Ruger® 10/22® rifles in stock packed with great features and at very good prices ......

Ruger® 10/22® with 18.5" non-threaded barrel fitted with fibreoptic sights and complete with the latest factory BX trigger unit with added auto bolt release, grey synthetic stock ...... £395

SY17901 Rimfire Magic semi-auto rifle with 16" Green Mountain heavy fluted stainless steel barrel (threaded), our enhanced Ruger® BX trigger unit, Hogue thumbhole black stock .... £825

SY17542 Ruger® 10/22® with fully tuned trigger unit, fitted with a new Adams & Bennett stainless steel 14" plain barrel with threaded muzzle brake. This barrelled action is in a new Magpul X-22 grey stock at ..... £650    UNDER OFFER

Smith & Wesson Model MP-15 AR style Sport model rifle with 16" barrel & 25 round magazine ..... £650

Smith & Wesson Model MP-15 AR style Performance Centre model rifle with 18" Match, fluted mid-heavy barrel with Match chamber and 10 round magazine, and two stage trigger ...... £850

GSG 1911 style long barrel pistol now in stock from just £475

GSG 1911 tactical style long barrel pistol (includes red dot sight & mount) at just £620

Rimfire Magic rifle with fully tuned Ruger polymer trigger unit, 12.5" Volquartsen carbon fibre barrel, Evolution nutmeg laminate Evolution stock ...... NEW LOWER PRICE £850   Barrel threaded for muzzle brake or sound moderator (not included)

Also available in these laminates ....




SY17264 Hera lower fitted with Eisenach Arms side charging upper receiver plus bolt carrier assembly in Nickel Boron finish, Fail-Zero bolt, Lothar Walther 18" stainless 1 in 8 twist barrel with Lantac brake, .223Wylde chamber, Hogue 3-gun handguard with accessories, Magpul STR butt stock and MOE K2 pistol grip, Hipertouch single stage trigger ..... £1,750

Eisenach Arms side charging upper on a Bushmaster lower receiver, Hogue overmoulded CAR butt stock' handguard and pistol grip, 12.5" Begara barrel with muzzle brake, Hipertouch trigger, Vortex 3X Spitfire....SOLD

Sorry but this one is already sold but we thought you may like to see it before it goes to its new home! This gentleman asked for a rifle which was as close to a Vietnam era M16 rifle as we could put together for him ...... we think he will like the result!


SY17013  Bushmaster AR-15 straight pull rifle with Eisenach side charging upper receiver in hard anodise black finish with nitride finish bolt carrier assembly, 20" stainless barrel (1 in 8 twist), Hogue pistol grip and overmoulded handguard, Tapco CAR stock, Hipertouch trigger fitted ..... £1,400

Remington SPS Tactical rifles with 16.5" barrel (1 in 9 twist) threaded 1/2 x 28 in Hogue Ghillie Green overmoulded stock, with our fettling done of course ........ Currently out of stock but more on the way!    

Remington SPS Tactical rifles with 20" 1 in 9 twist barrel in Hogue black overmoulded stock, fettled of course and all threaded.    New batch just in from the US hence the new price   Price £900

Remington Model 700 stainless steel 20" threaded barrel with 5-R rifling, 1 in 9 twist,  HS-Precision stock ..... £1,100


SY14744A  Alchemy Precision action fitted with 20" Lothar Walther stainless steel barrel (threaded) 1/2x20 UNF, Rifle Basix trigger, detachable 5-shot magazine system, Manners SL stock ...... £950

SY14301 Howa sporter 22" barreled action (threaded) in Manners MCS-T stock. Latest two stage trigger, comes with scope base and hard case ..... £800

.300 AAC Blackout

SY17891 AR style rifle with 16" Walther stainless steel 1 in 7 twist barrel, threaded, with Eisenach side charging upper receiver, nickel-boron bolt carrier, tuned trigger, Hogue handguard and CAR collapsible butt stock .... £1,500

Remington SPS Tactical rifles with 16.5" barrel, threaded 5/8 x 24 (1 in 7 twist) in a Hogue pillar bed stock, barrel recrowned and trigger adjusted...... £750


SY14311 Howa Varmint 24" barrelled action (threaded) in Manners MCS-T5A stock. This model has the latest two stage Howa trigger, magzine conversion kit with 10 round mag and comes with scope base and hard case ....... £1,250   (does not include bipod)

Remimgton Model 700 SPS Varmint with 26" barrel, muzzle threaded 5/8x18UNF, factory synthetic stock, muzzle refaced, recrowned, trigger adjusted ..... £850

Remimgton Model 700 VSF, stainless steel barrel and 26" fluted barrel, muzzle threaded 5/8x18 UNF, factory synthetic stock, muzzle refaced, recrowned, trigger adjusted ..... £1,200

Remimgton Model 700 5R series, stainless steel barrelled action, 24" fluted barrel, 5R rifling and 1 in 11.25 twist, muzzle threaded 5/8 x 24UNEF finished in black Cerakote, H-S Precision synthetic stock with sand colour with black webbing, muzzle refaced, recrowned, trigger adjusted ..... £1,400

Remimgton Model 700 Stainless steel barrelled action with 24" barrel, 5R rifling and 1 in 11.25 twist,  muzzle threaded 5/8x18UNF, H-S Precision synthetic stock, muzzle refaced, recrowned, trigger adjusted ..... £1,250


SY17785 Lee Enfield No 4 Mk2 UNFIRED! (Except proof of course!)  Just one left in stock right now but we have two more coming from the US shortly Price £1,500





Please see our Marlin page  


SY17874/5 Marlin Model 1895 Cowboy with 26" octagonal barrel, tuned & slicked ..... £975

Marlin SBL stainless steel rifle with 18.5" barrel, large loop, long scope rail and XS ghost ring rear sight with white blaze fron sight. Fitted with our reduced power hammer spring, cleaned, function checked, lubricated and ready to go. Surely one of Marlin's best ever big bore lever action rifles ...... £1,250

12 gauge

Mossberg Maverick Section One shotgun (5+1) pump action, 24" cylinder barrel with rifle sights ...£375


Errors & omissions excepted!!

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