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Alchemy Centrefire Actions    

As many of you will be very aware it has become progressively more and more difficult to get gun parts exported from the US and our philosophy has been to explore where possible the manufacture of parts here in the UK Now, with considerable pride and pleasure we can announce the arrival of our own centrefire rifle action as part of a collaborative project with John Carr of John Carr Guns.  Not surprisingly it follows the design of the ubiquitious Remington 700 which of course allows the use of many aftermarket stocks and triggers. Similar actions have been made since 2008 in small numbers and one has already shot in excess of 2,000 rounds.   The action is CNC produced in stainless steel and fitted with a chrome moly steel bolt, comes complete with stainless scope rail and oversize recoil lug, and employs a Sako style extractor and side bolt release. We will of course be building rifles ourselves on this action but it is freely available to the Trade, and our manufacturer is now working flat out to allow us eventually to have actions available off the shelf and held in inventory.  This will of course take a while, but we are initially  offering short actions in most bolt face options, single shot and repeater variants, and with left and right hand bolt formats. Actions will only be available from your chosen rifle maker so we are not quoting any retail prices...but they will of course be competitive against most currently imported actions...... particularly with current exchange rates!!

Normally we do not get involved with exporting but have made an exception with these actions and floor plate conversions and are pleased that, of the one hundred or so actions produced so far, around 50% have been ordered by European rifle makers and have been engraved to the purchasers requirements. Dave Wylde at Valkyrie Rifles has built several dozen top quality rifles using these actions which have also been engraved to his specification.

Remington 700 detachable magazine kit

Our own replacement floor plate conversion accepts the well known and superbly reliable Accuracy International 5 and 10 round magazines. The kit fits short action Rem 700 rifles only, and the AI mags, are designed to feed .308 and similar cartridges. The kit consists of a one-piece floorplate and magazine liner with extended magazine release, two pillars, and two hex head bolts. The cost is £175 plus the cost of mags which are £55.00 for the 5 round and £65.00 for the ten round in .308  Accuracy International have now introduced a 10 round polymer .223 magazine at £35.00  This is not a "drop in" conversion and require a degree of fitting in particular stock inletting and insertion of the correct height pillars to ensure reliable feeding so we recommend installation by a gunsmith although we appreciate that many keen DIY shooters will be able to do the job quite happily. After receiving a few comments regarding the mag release as some shooters would prefer a shorter design. We can now offer such a type as shown below at the same price.

We can now offer a similar replacement floorplate conversion for the Remington 700 long action at £195 which accepts the Accuracy International .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Mag magazines.



We've fitted the new long action system to a new Rem 700 Police rifle in .300 Win Mag and test fired many dummy rounds and fired ten live rounds with flawless feeding.


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